Wednesday 17 March 2021


    Port of the double tap on back of device gesture from Android 11 to any Android 7.0+ device. It allows you to use the gesture to launch apps, control the device (including pressing the home, back and recents buttons), take a screenshot, toggle the flashlight, open your assistant and more. Using "gates", you're able to block the gesture from working in scenarios such as when the screen is off, when you're on a call, when an app is open and more. It uses an accessibility service to run these tasks and stay running in the background. 

    Uses the same machine learning code and TensorFlow models from the Android 11 builds with the gesture, with code directly lifted from SystemUIGoogle where needed. You can pick from three models in the settings: Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL; allowing you to choose the one that fits your device best. Machine learning allows the gesture to be more accurately detected, and reduces the chance of accidental interactions.


  • Show a white frame styled as the system navigation bar, or make the widget completely invisible.
  • Launch an app of your choice touching the widget.
  • Resize it as you want.
  • Ultra-light battery usage.
  • Compatible with any Android 4.1 or higher smartphone or tablet.

Using Method

    This is a highly customizable theme, both in the theme itself and in the global section of the  file. Hyper drive can be customized to the fullest extent, from the look, colours, page order, shadows, music/podcast behaviors, animation settings, star travel speeds & context, transparencies, and more.Utility for Android SD Cards and Hard disks.This is more than a Partition-Manager.You can also Create Partition Image Backups Part image.


    The best widget of the Brussels app on the Play Store. A must if you are a tourist! The routes currently under construction are depicted with dotted lines. It works completely offline.This app adds meaningful text readings text overlay to your screen. You can add date in different formats, battery level and temperature, available memory and reading. You can quickly refer to the statistics at anytime. You can also change their font size, color, order, location, transparency, and layout.



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