Thursday, 27 February 2020

TCGames-Mirror&Control Android Phone Sigma Resources & Technologies,lnc.

    TC Games is an software that can mirror android phones or tablets to your computer. You can use a mouse and keyboard to control android devices to play mobile games, live screen cast, and use apps. TC Games is Android screen mirror program for Windows PC, through which you can Play Android games on your Computer! Perfect control with keyboard and mouse and faster than simulator. Very easy to use, with just a few steps you can play your favorite Action or Strategy Games from your Android mobile phone. Mirror your tablet or smartphone to your Windows screen today.
    After you installed TC Games on your PC, you need to connect your mobile phone by USB. Later you can easily adjust and customized resolution up to 1080p and 60 FPS. HD recording, pause and recover at any time. Control with your desktop keyboard and mouse! A great and simple tool for those who love the ease and convenience of computers to play games. Support all main stream Windows system and compatible with 99% Android phones. Lower than 5% CPU occupancy.


    Added direction keys W/A/S/D joystick mode which can adjust touch sensitivity to simulate fingers touch operation. For the game PUBG Mobile, uses can zoom out the control range border of direction keys W/A/S/D in the key mapping, and check the option Shift Binding, then can use w+shift to run.Perspective movement key, it can move the angle of view quickly in 3D games. Shortcut recovery, use ctrl+F5 to restore all keys and mouse to the initial unused status. Quickly projection, scan QR code can quickly mirror android phone to PC. Macro key is a programmable button, through editing a Macro key can make a button perform multiple actions.

Using Method

Based on years of research and development on screen projection and device control, Sigma Resources & Technologies haves achieved screen mirroring up to 60 FPS (frames per second) with the screen resolution of 1080P. Today, Sigma has been the expert in screen projection and device control for mobile devices, PC, TV and projectors. TC Games was created that utilizing Sigma's fast screen mirroring and speedy device control to allow users to enjoy mobile games in PC's big screen, keyboard and mouse. TC Games also provides live broadcast capability.


    If you are a game enthusiast, we have configured hundreds of popular mobile game key mapping for you. You can play the game on your phone from your computer. In addition, during the game, you can also display the mouse pointer on the phone / tablet screen, multi-purpose game key mappings, custom key mappings, upload key mappings to the cloud.Mirror the android phone/tablet screen to computer, so you can zoom in the screen and share your phone files with your friends on the computer side to avoid getting tired of your eyes because the mobile screen is too small.


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