Thursday 31 October 2019

Spirly - Live Wallpaper Paper World Creation

    "Spirly" is an abstract 3Dlive wallpaper with endless possibilities and styles. It displays realtime 3D graphics powered by OpenGL.We tried to make it as convenient and simple app for you, removing all the excess and focusing on the Essentials  the Wallpapers and their quality.You can set the wallpaper on the phone screen on an android or tablet. Also you can install beautiful wallpaper on the lock screen or on both screens at once. You can share your favorite wallpapers too on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, youtube and the other social media.
    We are always striving to provide the best user experience for our users. We are also looking for your feedback, suggestions or recommendation.
Please, feel free to email us about our dark UI wallpapers at "so we can continue to bring you the best experiences and updates.


  • Own 10000+ free wallpapers
  • Set video as phone wallpaper
  • Download wallpaper to your phone
  • View and set wallpaper for free
  • Friendly and easy to use.

 Wallpapers free 
    Video Wallpapers and Backgrounds provides you thousands of images and videos to set wallpapers for your phone. Thousands of gorgeous, 4K-quality images and videos are carefully selected by our artists. It's totally free. Have you ever set video for your phone It's fantastic and lively. Especially, it has been optimized in order to save your battery. Try it now.


    All the wallpapers in Wallpapers free - Video Wallpapers and Backgrounds are various from many themes to choose from, such as: Video wallpapers, 3D graphics, Wallpapers for girls, Animals, Anime, Food, Drinks, Photography, Celebrities, Wallpapers Free fortnite, Sport, Fantasy, Aircrafts, Airplanes, Bokeh, Video Games, Cars and Motorcycle, Nature, Space, Galaxy, Architecture, City, Minimalist, Watercrafts, Ship, Music, Macro, Sea, Flowers, Material Design, wallpapers and backgrounds live in This App.


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