Tuesday 22 October 2019

AMD Driver Web Site Link

    AMD Link is a powerful mobile, and smart TV app built to complement AMD Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition. AMD Link brings Radeon™ Gaming to phones, tablets, and conveniently allows you to access gameplay performance metrics and PC system information. You can easily connect to your PC either by a PIN in Radeon™ Settings or manually entering the required info. Now, stream, game and view media directly on your smart TV. It is an extremely powerful tool designed with today’s socially connected, mobile-first world in mind - and with the gamer at its center.

The mobile App dashboard includes five main sections

  • The Home section contains images you can click on to learn more about AMD or AMD partner products
  • Game Streaming: Launch your PC games and stream them to your mobile device, customize your controllers, or even use it as a Remote Desktop solution for your Windows desktop.
  • Voice Recognition: Long-tap anywhere in the bottom icon area to control several aspects of AMD Link with a simple voice command
  • PC Performance & Monitoring: Brings the power of Radeon™ WattMan to your mobile device and enables you to monitor and track gaming performance and system info of your PC through easy-to-understand bar graphs.
  • Radeon™ ReLive: Allows one-touch capture, streaming, and instant replay of your gameplay to playback, save and share the gameplay moments saved on your PC.

The TV App dashboard includes three main sections

  • Connect section: connect to your PC quickly and easily to get AMD Link for your Smart TV started
  • Gaming section: Launch your PC games and stream them to your Smart TV, or 
  • view recent media
  • Media section: playback gameplay moments saved on your PC.


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