Thursday, 26 September 2019

MaD man | Best PC Games

    Find the parts and craft the most powerful machine gun in the game. Stroke the dog and try to survive in the world of the zombie apocalypse, where the map is generated randomly each time. Challenge the Death and fight the damned dead.How do you imagine the world after apocalypse How would you spend days in the mad city, where everybody tries survive after losing all goods of civilization? In the game you’ll see people who live in the village and don’t know the law. People who try to save order in their city.

    Ride into the wasteland and feel the spirit of post-nuclear. Who knows, maybe you’re the last hero who can bring life for this forsaken land. Max your survival skills and turn on the ignition, the adventure begins now.

In game features

  • Endless shooting;
  • Multiple quests and funny storyline;
  • Lethal racing;
  • Crazy helicopter flights;
  • Personal cars with different features;
  • Firearms and melee: flare gun, machine gun, saw, drill and others;
  • Different kinds of boosters;
  • The shop
  • Weapon: melee, pistols, rifles, heavy weapons;
  • Transportmad monster trucks, deadly meat vagons, helicopter;
  • Customization: cool clothes, accessories and etc.Cars
  • Car boosts (bumpers, armor for the roof and etc. to make it strong as a monster!);
  • Vast choice for any taste. Forget getting bored.


    Want to feel the fear of the zombies at a close distance? The game takes you into a thrilling zombie doomsday world, picks up submachine guns, fights intensely, fights crazy, and experiences the thrill of a headshotDeadly viruses are spreading around the world, causing humans and other creatures to mutate into horrible zombies that only know killing and destruction.And you, as a lonely survivor, will do their best, just to be able to live Pay attention to the environment around you, pay attention to  the zombies that appear from any corner at any time, and use all the weapons you can use to try to make your character survive.Rich weapon systems: rifles, pistols, sniper rifles and throwing weapons, each of which has more than a dozen models, so that you can be armed and enjoy the thrill of shooting.


    Powerful Zombie Legion: A variety of evil zombies that you have never seen before. You need to constantly collect resources, modify your weapons, and protect yourself from being eaten
Epic sound effects Bring headphones and feel the thrill of the rainHigh-quality picture: Real HD pictures let you experience the real doomsday battlefield.

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