Saturday 24 August 2019

ADC NEWS Apex Web Services and Online Education Pvt. Ltd.

     Apex Digital Channel provides latest interactive news from across the world by getting it from reputed news feeds or from network of Apex news reporters located all across the Globe. Apex uses popular referral program to increase its subscriber base. Apex Digital Channel is the only news application, which rewards its subscribers from its ad revenue. Apex Digital Channel provides and unique business opportunity to its subscribers to become promoters, where the promoter can buy subscriptions in bulk and resell it to make 400% profits. 

      Also, the paid subscribers can get a share in ad revenue as long as the subscriber is active and completes tasks on a daily basis. Promoters are encouraged to bring more and more promoters. A power referral and team bonus is offered to the promoters. Subscribers are given the opportunity to express their views on any news article, they can also interact with the news makers and make them listen their point of views. Promoters can take additional responsibility of news reporting, advertisement booking executives and subscription promotion activities to earn extra income from this channel.

 நண்பர்களே இதை கவனியுங்கள்

      News paper ல் வரும் விளம்பரங்களுக்காக

நாம் செய்யும் செலவு

DailyNews paper ₹5 ×30days=150₹
 ₹150 × 20month = 3000₹ = No Income
 Television (TV)ல் வரும் விளம்பரங்களுக்காக
 நாம் செய்யும் செலவு

TV ₹10000 To 1lac , & Dish = 2500₹
setup box  =650₹
 monthly recharge 200 to 300
சராசரியாக 250₹ × 20 month =₹5000 = No Income
               Android phone ல் விளம்பரங்களுக்காக நாம் செய்யும் செலவு

Phone Monthly recharge 150₹
 ₹150 × 20 month =3000₹ = No Income

    ஆனால், அதே ஆன்ட்ராய்டு போனில் இந்த Channelஐ Download மற்றும் install and registration செய்து பார்ப்பதால் வருமானம் உறுதி
நீங்கள் பார்க்கும் 2நிமிட  விளம்பரத்திற்க்கு   4 மடங்கு திரும்ப பெறலாம்            

We Welcome You to APEX

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Apex Digital channel (ADC NEWS)  For Android phone
   1400 To 44,800  வரை ஒரேஒரு முறை கட்டணம் 20 மாதத்திற்க்கு வருமானம் 280 முதல் 8960 வரை மாதம் மாதம் வருமானம் ,  நீங்கள் தேர்ந்தெடுக்கும் packageஐ பொருத்து

3 வகையான  வருமானம்

 AD. Income மாதம் தோறும்

Package பற்றி அறிய  +919940853915/+918344570261 



Saturday 10 August 2019

சிறந்த AntiVirus எது தெரியுமா? | best antivirus for pc/laptop | A to Z Videos

     Best Security Product of 2015, 2016 and 2017 according to AV-TEST
The most advanced cybersecurity app for Android gives your devices absolute protection against viruses and malware.

NEW! VPN Added
    Surf the web anonymously & unlock geo-IP restricted content with VPN.
Free - 200 MB traffic / day.  Upgrade to PREMIUM VPN and you get:
-Unlimited traffic
-Multiple virtual locations from all over the world including US, UK, IT, AU!

Features at a glance:
  •  Autopilot - Get security recommendations
  •  Malware Scanner - 100% detection rate
  •  New: VPN - hide your IP & unlock geo-restricted content
  •  Account Privacy - verify whether your email account has been breached or not
  •  App Lock - lock your sensitive apps with a PIN code
  •  Web Protection - real-time protection for the most popular browsers
  •  Anti-Theft - lock, track, and wipe your phone
  •  WearON - extend Bitdefender Mobile Security to your smart watch

Malware Scanner

    With an independently proven 100% detection rate, Malware Scanner is always up to date with the latest intel on viruses and automatically scans apps for malware as you install them.


    The new Autopilot has been designed to act as a Security Advisor and gives you deeper insights into your security posture.

Account Privacy

     How safe is your email address?
     Now you can find out whether your account details have been leaked or not by simply running a check with Bitdefender Mobile Security.

Smart Unlock

     When you're using a trusted Wi-fi such as your home hub, Smart Unlock grants you direct access to your apps by disabling the PIN.

Fingerprint Sensor Support

     Unlock secured apps with the tip of your finger.

PIN Timeout

     30-second timeout after 5 consecutive incorrect attempts to access your PIN protected apps.

Web Protection

     Web Protection detects malicious content and keeps your browsing safe for the most popular browsers.


    Lock, geo-locate, sound an alarm, and wipe your Android from any Internet connected device. Your phone will snap a mugshot of any person who tries to tamper with your phone in your absence.


    Extend Bitdefender Mobile Security to Android Wear devices.
Don’t lose your device with the help of Phone Alert and Scream.
(Android 4.3 and up required)

Please Note!

This app requires device admin permission.
This app uses Accessibility services.

Wednesday 7 August 2019

Indian Air Force: A Cut Above [DISHA - IAF HQ] Threye: Military Games

    The Indian Air Force is the air arm of the Indian Armed Forces officially established on 8th October 1932. Today, having completed the Platinum Jubilee of dedicated service to the nation, the Indian Air Force is a modern, technology-intensive force distinguished by its commitment to excellence and professionalism.

The Indian Air Force

  • The Indian Air Force is the air arm of the Indian Armed Forces officially established on 8th October 1932.
  • Today, having completed the Platinum Jubilee of dedicated service to the nation, the Indian Air Force is a modern, technology-intensive force distinguished by its commitment to excellence and professionalism.
  • The Indian Air Force prides itself to put in its regular service the most advanced and cutting edge technologies in aviation, space & information technology. It is an early adopter of new and emergent tech, and demonstrates its leadership in implementing the nation’s policy objectives.
  • Inline with the Digital India initiative, the IAF has taken landmark steps like Online Tests for IAF recruitment, and an interactive mobile game to showcase the life of an IAF pilot.


Indian Air Force’s mobile gaming application

  • The official mobile gaming application of the IAF will allow an aspirant to experience first hand the roles of an IAF air warrior, as well as means to apply and appear for recruitment from the comfort of his/her mobile phone.
  •  The gaming application will have various features, including offline single player missions, an online multiplayer and a career navigator information section as well as augmented reality features.

Single player features

  •  Single player missions will be based on an engaging narrative, allowing the player to fly a wide arsenal of IAF’s aircraft assets.
  •  The player will be taught how to handle a high performance aircraft via a tutorial mission – at the end of which, the player will earn his/her wings.
  •  10 engaging and high action missions will follow, which will allow the user to experience air power of the IAF, in the form of its response, reach, precision and flexibility, including support to other arms of the Indian Military, as well as aid to civil authorities in the form of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief.
  •  The user will also learn about the IAF’s weapons and tactics, and how IAF’s new acquisitions will help in realizing the IAF’s future strategy.


Multiplayer features

  •  The mobile gaming application will include online multiplayer, where players can engage with other like minded players over the internet.
  •  Multiplayer game will have two modes – a squad vs squad where players team up, and a free for all, where the last man standing will be the winner.
  •  The user will have the option of using long range missiles which go beyond visual range, as well as ability to go head-on against other players in dogfight mode.

Schedule of release

  • The official gaming application will be released in a phased manner in the year 2019. The first version, comprising of single player missions is being released in July 2019.
  • The full version, including multiplayer features is expected to be released in October 2019.